We offer airline transportation service for all international air cargo and complementary service requests of our customers thanks to the broad service network we have established across the world. We can depart from the airports of Turkey to all destinations across the world thanks to the IATA certificate we have. We respond to all air cargo requests from all parts of the world to destinations inside Turkey with optimal solutions at the needed speeds, and we give air transport service to all countries by using all airline companies within the scope of the IATA and ICAO regulations. At By Doner International Logistic, we provide top-level customer satisfaction in air transport activity in which fast, timely and proper transportation is of utmost importance with the help of our logistics centers at places having strategical importance across the world. Just like in all our services, we create added-value in customer satisfaction in air transport services. With our cross-trade service between the United States and China, we carry imports from China to the United States, while we also assume active roles in Germany – China line. We transcend the standard transit-time service by constantly improving the consolidation service network in new networks in air transport solutions; we offer express services with different airline alternatives.


Hong Kong, Shanghai, Nanjing, Ningbo, Beijing, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Taiwan and South Korea; regular consolidated service.

Door-to-door delivery in 48 to 72 hours.


Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom; consolidation each day.

Door-to-door guaranteed delivery in 24 hours.

United States

New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Toronto; weekly regular consolidated service to Oslo.

Door-to-door delivery in 48 to 72 hours.