F.M.C Certificate & NVOCC

We offer our customers a broad range of cost-effective services thanks to our consolidation and distribution warehouses which we have established at the world’s leading ports and commercial cities in the Far East, America and Europe such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Yiwu, Seoul, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Houston, Chicago, Barcelona, Nurnberg, Coventry, Toronto, Sao Paulo and with our highly experienced Norwegian and local staff.

We offer boutique services with alternative route and ship-owners according to the due analysis based on the transit time requirements of our customers. We are assertive in maritime transport with our NVOCC certificates we owe in the Far East and America.

With the help of our logistical infrastructure, we have both at the port of departure and the port of destination in all parts of the world from China to America, we are offering various delivery options and added value services in different formats from door-to-door, from factory to store, from the supplier to the production line shipments. We reduce the inventory costs through delivery in between By Doner’s warehouses across the world and we reduce the delivery times through shipments based on orders.

We save our customers from all inventory costs with highly agreeable warehousing prices and order-based storage for the consigners and receivers, and on-demand-delivery thanks to logistics terminals at various places nearby the ports across the world.

At places with heavy-tonnage bans, we considerably reduce the unit delivery costs thanks to our warehouses within the heavy tonnage corridor which enables maximum payload and container departure from the country of departure.

We also offer our business partners different options and cost-advantages through establishing multimodal delivery solutions based on warehouses in each country.

Global trade is more efficient via maritime lines by up to 70 percent. At By Doner International Logistic, the share of the sea transport reached 60 percent. We offer significant price and time advantages to our customers thanks to our consolidations at logistical centers.

  • Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) Certificate & NVOCC & C TPAT
  • Door-to-door service
  • Multimodal solutions with sea-transport connection to/from all places of the world (train, and sea vessels such as barge, roll-trailer (MAFI), etc. together with all due equipment)
  • Worldwide project-transportation
  • Acceptance, storage, order-based shipment and tracking of the goods with barcode in warehouses
  • Self-owned transfer (cross-docking) centers in Europe, United States and the Far East
  • Full and partial transport solutions (CFS- CY) US <> Norway US <> China US <> Europe <> China
  • Parcel-based online tracking & reporting possibility for all processes and loads
  • Tracking the loads or containers via By Doner portal during the cruise
  • Automatic departure and arrival notification to customers by e-mail
  • Express investment operation possibility at each country requested
  • Uninterrupted service via all-time available customer representatives who monitor the operation on real-time basis
  • The possibility to conduct the operation in person via Norwegian staff available across the world

150.000 TEU

We reached 150,000 TEU load in our operations across the world in 2020. Twenty five percent of this figure came from ‘partial consolidation’ we have realized in our warehouse in the US and Far East.

Textile, drug, raw materials, electronic, marble and furniture are among the major industries we provide our services. We can offer different and fast solutions for each industry and request. For the textile industry, for instance, we provide barcoded acceptance, warehousing, loading and parcel-based tracking throughout the cruise.

For the marble and similar other heavy loads, we considerably pull down the unit delivery costs of the consigners by carrying out high (maximum) tonnage departures from the exporter country thanks to our warehouses at heavy tonnage corridors located abroad.