Wide warehouse area.

We offer significant advantages to our customers with our widespread self-owned warehouse-storage network and with our solutions aimed at different product ranges.

We provide optimum level of service for the needs of our customers from all sectors with our bonded warehouse areas at all important customs of Norway as well as in all major international destinations.

Our customers have the opportunity both to track and supervise all processes, and to monitor the performance criteria established on real-time basis thanks to our IT infrastructure that can be integrated to all widespread ERP programs worldwide on the subject of warehouse management programs.

We conduct the stock management activity with the help and guidance of the technology and our experienced staff. We are placing the products at the shelf addresses determined by the software after making the due stock registration and control based on the barcode labelling at the time of entry to the warehouse.

We are carrying out the delivery of the goods and products to their addresses based on the production and distribution plans. We provide stock management services with our own staff and equipment not only inside the logistics centers but also inside the premises of our customers. Therefore, we can support the production lines and distribution channels of our customers with uninterrupted service understanding on a 24/7 basis and “just in time” approach.

We provide high quality management of the services we offer to our customers with the help of the designs produced by our IT team according to the needs of the industry and the individual customer.

Bonded & unbonded warehouse:

  • Warehouse services wholly self-owned and customized according to the industry
  • Cross-dock operations
  • High-quality added-value services
  • Capacity to collect 100 million pieces orders per annum
  • Customized Warehouse Solutions


Storage of the products according to the character of the product

  • Tracking of all stock management services in electronic media from the first entry to the stocks until their shipment
  • Stock validation through weekly-monthly stock-taking
  • Operation through KPI and Scorecards
  • Customized automatic solutions according to the customers’ needs
  • In-house developed warehouse management system
  • High service quality
  • Pick to Light, Pick by Voice, RF Guided Picking
  • Online track and monitoring system
  • Just-in-Time shipment
  • Stock management service at the production and/or assembly premises of the customers by BGL personnel
  • Preparation and shipment of the orders on unit basis, parcel basis and pallet basis
  • Zero stock loss with Systemic Management
  • Spare part stock management and shipment
  • Procedures, reporting, block transactions for damaged-lost goods
  • Management of the empty cases / pallets sent by the customers, suppliers
  • Integration via an interface between our software and the customer software, thus ensuring simultaneous information flow
  • Customized shelf systems, assembly stands design and PDI service


Assembly, Kit and Packaging Services

  • Product assembly
  • Enwrapping
  • Packaging

Presale services

  • Labelling
  • Repackaging & return transactions
  • Other services

Quality assurance management

* SOP procedures
* Block management
* Operation – Job Security, Quality trainings
* Standards regarding the warehousing conditions
* Cleaning – order pest control monitoring systems
* Quality reporting
* Job security reporting

Consolidation & transit trade handling



The operations conducted for products returned for whatsoever reasons is among the hardest logistics operations of the companies. With our expert staff and our duly designed software system, we manage the return operations at all geographies in Norway and in the world in line with the requests of the companies.


  • Acceptance of the return requests during and out of the season
  • Stocktaking, labelling, bagging, damage control
  • Categorization & management
  • Campaign package creation
  • Inventory management